List Management


Toxic lists result in false reporting and wasted effort.

List management can be a time consuming and tricky process, but is an extremely important facet of e-commerce. High bounce rates and negative feedback can seriously damage list deliverability scores, which will have an even further reaching effect on open rates and click through.

Detailed Customer Profiles

Every customer on your list has a logĀ of their activity and contact information. They also have a 1-5 fire engagement scoreĀ based on the amount and weight of various actions.

List Segmentation

Each action your customers take will tell us a bit more about what resonates with them on an individual level, we group those interests into “segments” to better target promotions.

List Cleaning
Every quarter we will perform a deep dive into your list activity, scrubbing it for inactivity and keeping its deliverability score as high as possible.