E-Commerce Automation

Example of a multichannel pipeline onboarding pathway.

“It’s not about sending mass emails. It’s about giving your customers what they are asking for.”

Eric Sparrow, CEO Milksoft

We don’t just send emails. We build fully customizable, completely automated customer journey pathways, or quest lines. Quests can range from event ticket sales, to new member onboarding, sales, reactivation campaigns, storytelling, retargeting, redirecting or even a simple thank you. These quests can be as short as a couple of quick emails, or year long epic campaigns. Along the way every action your customers take (including doing nothing) will be tracked and not only applied to their engagement score,  but used to better determine where they’re directed next. That could include (but is not limited to) being sent to a specific landing page, shown a targeted social promotion, sent an automated reminder, or in some cases… even a text (SMS) message.

All of these happen with a goal in mind. If/when the desired action is taken, that person has completed that quest line and is moved to another path.Plus \\

…it goes something like this:

John Smith, long time member wants to cancel his membership and is sent to the cancellation page. This custom built page first asks a few questions to determine the nature of his cancellation, presenting him with several alternatives. If however John completes the cancellation, he is sent to a confirmation page. This drops his customer profile into the recapture quest line. In 8 months John will automatically start seeing social promotions leading into an automated recapture offer sequence.

John Smith. Recaptured member, and generally happy guy.